confusion can stop youSometimes the level of confusion in your life can stop you from living your passion and truth.

Confusion can send a barrage of thoughts, choices and opportunities your way that aren’t always in your best interest. We live in a world that has so much going on, that even when you take a break from it all, you are still flooded with the energies of thoughts, electronic stimulus, new ways of doing things, other people’s opinions and your own over excited being. That’s a lot to wade through.

Confusion can lead to inspiration or it can lead to stagnation.
It’s a tricky path to ride. For artists, creators, authors and visionaries, the path to creation is filled with ideas, colors and tempos that carry you forward. These energies may or may not lead you to the next great piece of art. It may also lead you to doing too many things with no real focus. It’s part of the process, but not part of the results.

For healers, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, confusion may lead to a breakthrough or a breakdown. If there are too many voices, too many ideas and too many ways to consider, you’ll be left in a state of distraction. As a healer, you want to be clear and whole, and still be fluid to help your clients. As a coach, you want to be focused, attentive and open to help guide your clients to greater success. Entrepreneurs need the opportunities to flow, but not to overwhelm or create turmoil. You may be doing a lot of things, but not accomplishing what you desire.

So what can you do to break apart the confusion and be more aligned with your purpose, talents and dreams?

As a psychic and intuitive life coach, one of the aspects of my work is to help my clients break apart confusion and make empowered choices and decisions. I’m always connecting with the spiritual side to help you connect with the higher energies of your life. Confusion can present you with many choices, but most often it just creates overwhelm, and that can lead to stagnation or quitting in frustration. To diffuse confusion, the foundation of the actions to take or not to take, has to come from within. It has to lead you forward in a way that is right for you.

Think of your next steps and choices and look to see what delights, intrigues, inspires and fulfills you and the people you want to serve. What are you considering right now? What choices do you have to make? Are you feeling confused, overwhelmed and maybe a little depressed, annoyed or at a loss?

Confusion is a disjointed, multi-layered energy dynamic.
Opportunities, choices and even your thoughts start bouncing around with no clear direction.

The first thing to do is BREATHE. It always helps to take a few cleansing breaths to clear away the noise.

Then think of each choice, each opportunity or direction separately.

Pick one, right now. Think about it for a moment. When you think about it, do you relax or get revved up? Do you feel happy or annoyed? Happy is good, annoyed is not. Pick happy! Feel joyful or ready? Pick that one, first.

The goal is to create your life filled with what delights, intrigues, inspires and fulfills you and the people you want to serve.

I’d love to know what confuses you at this time.
It could be about the choices you are making or the path you want to take.
What choices are you struggling with?
What decisions keep popping up in your life?
What opportunities are a little overwhelming?
What’s the theme you are thinking about to move forward in your life?
Please share your thoughts about confusion with me and I’ll write my next blog post with your questions and comments in mind.

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