You Are The Dream

Our dreams and goals are fascinating and tricky things. Sometimes you have dreams, sometimes you have old dreams and sometimes, you just dump those dreams.

In each part of your life we can have dreams for who we are and what we want. It’s okay? When I started going deeper into the energy of dreams, I could see that sometimes dreams really excite you and move you forward. And sometimes your dreams actually hold you back from your life.

In these two episodes of the Cosmic Coffee Break, You Are The Dream Parts 1 & 2, the energy, wisdom teachings and meditations will lift your dreams to frequencies and actions that are in line with who you are, today in your life.

Let’s start with the dreams that can hold you back.
I know it’s even crazy to think that a dream can hold you back, because dreams are meant to inspire you to fulfill yourself. But there can be old dreams that you had that are in your way. Maybe you had dreams in the past and they just didn’t come real or they did, and now the time is over. Sometimes your old dreams are in the way. Some dreams are obsolete. Those old dreams can interfere with creating your life right now.

In You Are The Dream, Part 1 you‘ll create more space for your dreams. So, whether your old dreams are in the way or your dreams are not in line with who you really are, this episode empowers the self that you really want to be. It has a powerful meditation that will uplift and delight you.

Now, comes the even more exciting part. In You Are The Dream, Part 2, I shift up the energy and change the question.

What if You don’t have dreams. What if You Are The Dream.

That changes everything. If you come from this focus, if you look at your life knowing You are the dream, then you have so much more opportunity to fulfill your life and your dreams. If I say you are the dream, then to fulfill your dream you have to be yourself. YES!

In this episode of the Cosmic Coffee Break, You Are The Dream, Part 2, the energy shifts so you can be the dream that’s in alignment with your soul, your heart, your energy and your purpose.

Please join me for the Cosmic Coffee Break. Now there are over 60 quick, powerful episodes that you can listen and take your inner being to the outer limits.

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