Focus On The Changes You Make, Not On The Actions You Take.

We live in an action oriented world. Our sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is usually measured by our actions. What did you do? What did you accomplish? What were the results? Are those the results you want?

We are highly focused on what we are doing, so we can gauge our effectiveness and success. We want to see if the actions we take bring us the results we want. So, we look at the physical world. We look for results that we can see, name and touch. That becomes our main focus. It’s certainly important to pay attention to the physical world to avoid falling objects, crazy weather and wild animals on the loose. That’s good news. It’s also deceiving.

Oops! The action doesn’t generate the result. Action orientation, focus on the actions that generate the results, leads to a false assumption. It implies that your actions are the most important, number one cause for your success. The actions you take are not the deciding factor of whether you achieve your goals and dreams. That’s not how it really works. The action is part two of the equation for results and success.

Your real power is in the changes you make. That is part one. The essential factor, the fundamental origin of your success in any area is what unfolds and grows from the inside out. What do you want to expand and celebrate about yourself? What do you see within yourself that limits your own expression? What inner changes are you making? These changes will guide your actions, because YOU are the real foundation for anything you dream and want to see happen in the world.

What is fantastic about this, about the changes you make, is that you have the power to do it. You can make the changes. Your choices and changes come from within you and that means you create the change, from the inside. It’s your evolution. The actions you take rely on all of these different factors outside yourself, on your environment, the people in your world, the appropriateness of your actions and how much you can do as an individual at this time. The changes you make rely on you. You are here to share your gifts. Who you are and what changes you make from within, is what creates the best openings for your actions.

Inspired Change
So, to explore the changes that may inspire you, first answer these questions.
• What is your vision? What is your vision for yourself and our world?
• If you have no restrictions, if you have no limitations, what is your dream?
• What can you change right now, in your perspective, your understanding, your heart that opens you to your life and your dream?

Let’s celebrate your changes, so you can empower your gifts and your life.

So, what is the change you are ready to make? Select one answer you have for the above questions about inspired change. It can be anything, as long as it’s an inner change, a being, not a doing. For example if you know your dream is to create a new business, then maybe the change you make is to embrace the business side of yourself. If your vision is to help children discover their creative side, then maybe the change in yourself is to embrace your own child-like wonder and creativity.

Right now, Let’s celebrate your changes.
Think of that change, and smile. Celebrate that change. So, if you decided to embrace your business side, Dance it! Have a business side happy dance. If you decided to embrace your child-like wonder and creativity, take a moment (or more) walk around your world, celebrating that awe and appreciation that is filled with joy. Look at your world from a child’s smiling eyes.

When you focus on the changes you make, not on the actions you take, you will create the shifts that encourage new possibilities in your life.

Please let me know what changes you are celebrating today.

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    • Lynn Swanson

      This was good to read, Lumari! I am smiling as I read “if you decided to embrace your child-like wonder and creativity, take a moment to walk around your world, celebrating that awe and appreciation that is filled with joy. Look at our world from a child’s smiling eyes.” I might add: and do the Acala Isha Maya Ho dance!!

      Thank you.

    • lyz

      Awesome as always my spiritual pal. Sending BIG love & blessings. Blog on!

    • Lisa

      i am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. i always prefer to read the quality content and this thing i found in your post. thanks for sharing

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