Immediate Results

We just completed my HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA three-day workshop and I am excited and moved. Participants had such great and immediate results that it just tickles me like crazy.

When you Heal Your Negative Money Karma, life opens in new ways. I’ll explain that in another post, because what I really want to share right now, are results, immediate results that some of the people attending the event received.

During my HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop, one aspect of this powerful healing I emphasize is to notice and be really present to the money, wealth, connections, insights and opportunities that come to you. In the workshop and the quick, easy, gorgeous transformations that occur during the workshop, the gifts can be small or large, but they come forward. When you pay attention, you notice and acknowledge every gift and sign, you receive more gifts and you open to even more abundance, prosperity and wealth-being.

It’s important, because sometimes we space out and don’t recognize an opportunity or a sign from the Divine. Usually we don’t pay attention. When you’re flowing with Good Money Karma, signs from the Universe, let you know you’re on the right track and more money is coming. The signs and results after healing the Negative Money Karma and after creating new, Good Money Karma in our workshop have been remarkable.

The immediate results the happened after this Heal Your Money Karma workshop are remarkable.

  • One participant of my HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop received a surprise, gift   discount for dinner at her favorite restaurant the night we completed our event.
  • Another participant got an unexpected big discount on car rental services, right in the middle of the event.
  • Another participant started receiving business guidance, intuitively, as soon as our workshop started. He had been asking for guidance and insight to increase his business success, but hadn’t received it in a long time. As soon as our workshop started, he began receiving guidance on how to increase his business success and is still getting more help from the intuitive side.
  • One more fabulous participant in this event was offered an opportunity worth thousands of dollars, absolutely for free. It came out of the blue and rocked her world and changed her life.

These are just a few of the experiences people shared with me during and immediately after the event closed. Fabulous!

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    • Tore Pettersen

      Thank you DEAR Lumari for the email.
      I AM going through BIG changes like so many people on earth NOW. This day has been very intense, but in a very good day, to say it the least. I Feel Great. Well like many others here on Earth I have been waiting for this for over 40 years, Or more.

      I Am so lucky and feel so humble, for you see my friend 6,5 years I had a hemorrhage, and my ex girlfriend found me inn my office. the doctors told me that I was millimeter away from Death or becoming lame. I was in artificial coma for 10 days, so I can hardly remember anything from the last 2 months. I was in hospital more or less half a year. After that I have had 6 intense seizures, that inn a strong way opened my opened my subconscious.

      I ended up with some extreme depression and just wanted to die, but do not take my own life. Knew that it would go well, but as you understand it was tough. Light and love has kept me up, plus very good friends.

      Thanks for every day. I have both your books, and I have to thank you for the light you bring. I have ALWAYS known that I’ll meet you someday. Now I have to quit, but I appreciate THANKS and good night from beautiful Norway.

      P.S. I do not know if you have heard off the artist called ” Brian Eno ” I have played him now for nonstop all day. Just LOVE it
      Take care my friend.
      LOVE and LIGHT from ToRe

      • Lumari

        Hi ToRe,
        Thank you for your light. I am delighted you found beauty and guidance in my email. And thank you for reading my books. May beauty, light and joy fill your days.


        P.S. Love Brian Eno.

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