Joan Rivers ~ Honoring a Great Gal with Tears of Joy and Sadness

I didn’t think I’d cry, at the passing of Joan Rivers.
Yet, I write with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

Joan, I send you blessings on your sacred journey. May you be embraced by those who love, appreciate and honor you. I send blessings to your family and friends whose sorrow at your loss will always be flavored with the joy, laughter and acidic humor that shocked us into laughing at whatever danced around your mind.

What a remarkable women!
Joan Rivers built her success on her own terms, with a generous heart, and in the face of everyone who knew that women could not succeed at stand-up.

Well, she did it. She succeeded while making us laugh, laughing at herself and challenging us to laugh at ourselves! She is unforgettable. Irreverent, challenging, brilliant, quick and ready for the joke that will rip someone apart and still make you laugh.

I wanted to tune in to her reception into the higher realms. After the embraces from family and friends and those that simply love her, she got a Standing Ovation just for fun. Can you see the love and joy flowing to her?

You know heaven has a sense of humor. If not, how could we be so funny!? Joan is a hell of a gal and heaven is in for a really great show. It’s SRO, standing room only, for Joan.

In this moment, SMILE! Send Joan your joy, laughter and good humor. Here’s the gratitude for a soul that made us laugh!

RIP, dear Joan. We will miss you!

P.S. Who are you wearing? Oh…. Too soon?

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