Living Inspired is Life Changing - It is like falling and being in love.
Living Inspired is Life Changing – It is like falling and being in love.

In one moment, your heart skips a beat and then races faster. Your attention is riveted and your curiosity is engaged. You feel a real sense of wonder, delight, intrigue and exhilaration that keeps you exploring, thinking and creating. Time slows down or speeds up. Whether your eyes are open or closed, whether you are highly focused or floating in the moment, you are smiling, feeling the joy and wonder of this minute as it extends and carries you.

Everything just falls into place, everything in your life aligns and you know it has led you to this moment in time. You want to expand, to laugh or dance or sit quietly and relish this experience. You feel alive and hyper-perceptive.

What is this rich and life-altering experience? It is inspiration.

Did you think I was describing falling in love? It does sound the same. Inspiration, true inspiration, has all of the emotions, qualities and vibrations within it that expand your life and your point of view. It is like falling and being in love. The difference is that the focus of your attention, the relatedness, the captivation and the light is not directed to another person. The brilliance that you experience, the love, the wonder and the joy is from the Divine and expands into the world.

True Inspiration is a rich complex experience that can fill your life with purpose and connection. You have moments of realization, combined with comprehension and enlightenment. Inspiration lifts you up, gives you a new perspective, lets you feel and know something brilliant. It is an intimate experience, happening within you. Whatever your new understanding, perception or vision entails, it all makes perfect sense.

Inspiration is not a flash of insight, a fleetingly great idea and a cool new plan. It is a life-altering experience that brings together your purpose, divine connection and a view of the future that can act as a guide and motivator for your life.

Living Inspired is living your life from the power, joy and divine connection of what truly inspired you. Living Inspired is keeping that focus alive and taking actions each day from that new place.

Because most people don’t recognize the real possibilities that Living Inspired brings and provides, they relegate inspiration to artists, visionaries and dreamers. They don’t pay much attention to inspiration and it’s opportunities for evolution and change. They don’t know that you can pursue inspiration, engage it and live inspired every day. You can be in that divine connection and create new meaning, new possibilities and a new view of your life and our world.

Usually, inspiration is dismissed. It is deemed frivolous, except for creators, inventors or dreamers. Many people think it is inconsequential to real life and is at best a distraction. Very often, people will warn you against pursuing your inspiration saying it’s a waste of time and hardly a meaningful, productive use of your energy and talents. The “I’m telling you this for your own good” conversation often includes comments like idealist, daydreamer, romanticist, stargazer, escapist that are meant to be disparaging and to discourage you from pursuing inspiration in your life.

What if we did that with love?
What if we were that cavalier with the powers of love and simply discarded it as a fleeting notion that usually just gets in the way of things. I mean, love is so distracting! Love is really messy and it can completely alter your plans. Can you imagine your life without love? Can you imagine telling your friends or children that love is really not that important in life? Love alters reality. Love brings people and life together. In all of our literature, films and human connections, we value love above almost everything.

True Inspiration has the real capacity to open our hearts and change our world. When you are Living Inspired you are centered in a unique, caring view that goes beyond what is simply present and you have vision of greater possibilities. Living Inspired has very specific qualities, frequencies and aspects that create the transformation that is in harmony with you, your life, purpose and your unique expression. Those qualities and the pathways of transformation have been hidden and undiscovered for thousands of years.

What if you could pursue Living Inspired and live your life from that joyful, meaningful and uplifted place? Your life and the lives of everyone you meet and know would be uplifted. You would feel a real connection with spirit, your heart and with your soul purpose. You would feel more joy, harmony and relatedness. You would see new ways that what you know and what you have to share connects to the greater whole.

I invite you to open to a new sense of discovery about Living Inspired. Let your light shine and be available to the rich, wonders of true inspiration that can bring you more joy, greater purpose and the deep recognition that you are wanted, needed and have something delightful, positive and important to share.

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