Every store has certain qualities that are their main theme, the focus of energy that a shopper experiences in your store. Calm, soothing and inspirational. Fun, uplifting and eclectic. Healing, nurturing and peaceful. Inviting, homey and intimate. These qualities become your unique signature. They distinguish it from other stores and businesses, long after your merchandise changes. Your customers and clients are attracted to you through these energies and your distinct energy theme.

You also want to grow your business and help it achieve the objectives you have for success, service and contribution to our world. Adding new energies to your distinct energy theme will carry it forward and support the new vision. By using your intuition you can attune the energy of your store to include new energies and objectives you want to integrate.

How do you use your intuition to bring new energy into your store?
Move into a calm and gentle focus and try these steps to discover your business’s overall energy theme, bring your business objectives into focus and learn to attune your store’s energy to support your goals and generate success. You may explore all the steps together for a total experience or try them separately for a more in-depth process.

Discover the overall energy theme of your store.
There is a vibrational theme to your store that remains the same, even though the subtle qualities will change and shift depending on your products, store layout and new displays. Imagine the energy you feel from your store. Focus on the main theme of energy and notice how this moves throughout your store. Does your store provide more of an oasis of serenity or a fountain of personal exploration? Are you focused more on healing? Do you feature a more eastern or more pagan vision? As you feel the flow of energy from your store, feel the qualities of those energies. Are they expansive, joyful, embracing, healing, and refreshing? Choose three to five adjectives that describe the energies your store provides. Knowing the type of energy your business provides is the first step in learning how to use your intuition to attune the energy of your store and bring more energy or different energies into the mix.

Bring your objectives into focus.
Now that you have a better appreciation of the energies that your store already generates, it’s time to tune in to your objectives. Are you looking for more financial increase? Are you hoping to expand into new areas? Do you want to attract an additional customer base? Think about how your business goals blend with your spiritual philosophy and add to your customers’ experience. These thoughts, while they may seem analytical, form the basis for this intuitive process.

Now, move into a centered and relaxed state of mind. Tune into the main aspects of your business vision. Hold a clear focus on your goals. Imagine your objectives expanding and your business flourishing. As you hold this focus, become comfortable with these goals. Allow your intuition to show you the qualities your goals hold, beneath the objectives. These energy themes support your goals and help you bring them to fruition.

Attune your store’s energy to generate success.
You tapped into the distinctive energies your store provides and you know the goals for your future. The final step is to perceive the energy attributes and intuitive guidance that will bring those qualities and goals into coherence in your store. By doing this, you hold the energies of the present and make a clear space for the future to unfold.

Take a breath and allow your focus to move into the intuitive zone. Feel the present distinct energy theme of your store. Imagine those energies situated to your left. Next, sense your future business objectives and feel the qualities within those goals. Imagine them situated to your right.

In your intuitive process, ask for energies that will enhance your present and fulfill your business objectives. Allow your intuition to bridge the present and your future. Imagine these energies, thoughts and visions situated right in front of you. Let these impressions flow to the center. You may also ask for ways, methods and events that will bring help you bridge the present energies with your future goals. For example, if your store focuses on healing and generally elicits calm, soothing energies, you may notice that by adding slightly stimulating and uplifting qualities, your customers also feel refreshed and renewed. This adds to their experience of your business. They then, share their experiences with their friends which fulfill your goals of increasing your customer base and adding to the well-being of your community.

This intuitive exercise can help you understand of the different energies that will help you bring your business objectives to fulfillment. You may receive answers immediately, even before you complete the above exercise. You may receive answers or suggestions over time. Someone may send you a related article. You may feel ready to change some of your displays. You may be prompted to purchase new and different products for your store. New people may come to you offering their unique services. The intuition works on the subtle levels, first. So welcome pleasant surprises, quiet answers and unexpected gifts.

Using your intuition to attune the energy of your store adds to the energies that are working for you. This process helps you accent, move, shift and augment the flows of energy to bring greater success both financially and experientially.

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