Create Space for More Success

Does ‘where’ get in your way? Does ‘space’ limit your capacity and stop you from doing what you want to do? Does head space, psychic space, personal space and even physical space limit your creativity, freedom joy and success?

Sometimes your self-imposed dimensions of time and space limit your purpose and fulfillment. Having space is having freedom, capacity, means, opportunity and energy. If you don’t have the space to create what you want, whether you want a deeper spiritual connection, greater success in your business, more creative expression or you want to be loving your life every day, then you need the space to make it happen.

Right now, you can create more space in your life to start Living Inspired.
In just 30 minutes, you can clear a real space in your life, a space the opens to new possibilities for you. This action in the outer world will magnetize and synchronize the universe to bring you more space to create and thrive almost immediately.

Read more and Listen to the Audio Living Inspired TIP ~ Clean Your Closets

Do you need a breakthrough to help you move forward in your life?
Sometimes you can build up blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns and instead of clearing them away, healing them and moving through the karma. sometimes, it’s easier to just shove them to the back of the closet. It’s not denial. You know you’ll get to it, soon. Just not today.

Instead, take 30 minutes and clean your closet. I seriously mean clean your closet.

Yes, cleaning your closet can be symbolic, but it can also harness the momentum you need to let go of the hesitation that stops your flow.

Okay, I love throwing things away. Love going through old clothes, products and general stuff and I donate them to local charities. Then, once I’ve gleaned all of the good, but no longer appropriate things in the closet, I let the “holy trash barrel” take away everything that has outlived its time.

Mixed in with the old stuff in your closet is your ‘old stuff’ in your life. So when you want to attract inspiration into your life, it’s best to make room for it. When you consciously clean your closet, you create the space for more of what you want and what will serve you.

Clean your closets and let go of anything that is no longer a blessing for your journey. Maybe it will benefit someone else. Maybe it’s time for the “holy trash barrel” to take it away.

You know what’s left after you clear your closets?
You find the Freedom and Room to Play Big!

When you read my book, Living Inspired With Lumari or contact me to schedule a private session, then you will advance to Living Inspired and experience even more joy, purpose, fulfillment and inspiration in your life.

Until then, just do a little light cleaning.

That is another way to make room to begin Living Inspired.

I’m looking forward to sharing, coaching and celebrating the more of you, with you!

Align with the divine. Build Your Business. Change the World and Live Inspired.

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