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Peter looked me in the eye and said, “I want to speak to the basketball player.”

I was totally confused.

Peter, my beloved, and I were in a conversation about creating what’s next. I was in my expansive mode, channeling all of this energy, information and cosmic abundance. It definitely sounded like I was wandering in the universe bringing all of this expansive spiritual energy and then describing it. I tune into the forces of creation. I can travel to the ends of the cosmos and converse with Divine Ones. I can follow the energy of my clients to bring them the wisdom, coaching and guidance they need to reach their dreams and be their true self. I connect with that cosmic spiritual place, a lot.

He smiled, looked at me intently and said, “No. I want to speak to the basketball player.”

Then I got it and I couldn’t stop laughing.

In high school gym class, I loved playing basketball. Now, you have to laugh here, too, since I’m under 5 feet tall. When I was on the court, I didn’t notice my height. I was so focused, so in tune with the game. I took advantage of my mini-height and slipped around people to set up my shot. I whipped around ‘giants’ and either made the shot or got the ball to someone who could. Fast, focused and dedicated. That’s how I played. That’s what Peter wanted in the conversation. Set up the shot and make it!

Our planning conversation needed succinct answers to specific questions. I had to be focused and clear to bring the information forward so it was actionable.
That’s not channeling mode. That’s not really the psychic intuitive mode.
That’s my basketball player.

So, where is your inner basketball player?
How can you connect with that part of you that is fast, focused and dedicated so you can make that basket, or reach that goal or get ready to begin something new?

Here’s a fun way to connect with your inner basketball player.

Inner Basketball Player Visualization

Right now, take a deep breath.

Imagine you have the basketball in your hands.
The ball is a specific objective or intention you have right now. So, keep that in mind.

Players from both teams are running around you all trying to get the ball and make the basket.
The players are the thoughts, ideas and possibilities in your mind and in your world.
You have the ball. You’re the one who has to see where to go, what to do and how to make that great shot or pass the ball to someone who can help the team score.

Take a slow, deep breath.
Your inner basketball player is fast, focused and dedicated.
Think of your objective or intention.

Take another slow, deep breath.
Now shoot!

Your inner basketball player can bring unique focus and powerful results to reach your objectives while you have fun doing it.

Part of working with a coach and intuitive guide is about bringing your spiritual side and your basketball player together for your fulfillment and success.

I’d love to help you shoot and score!

    2 replies to "I Want To Talk To The Basketball Player"

    • Monica

      This stirred something within me. First I love being an elite level athlete, everything about it.
      Hearing your story, in which Peter, your husband understood so well how important, magical and inspirational this part of you is had me at a BIG YES!!
      Knowing my inner athlete is a huge part of my outer life as well and how important it is for me to have the support of people around me who understand the magic of being an Athlete.
      Super Inspired by this blog article from you!!

      Show time

      • Lumari

        Thank you. I am happy that your inner athlete is encouraging you forward. Glad you got the YES!!!
        Love to you and BIG showtime!

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