Embrace Chaos and Move Towards Fulfillment

Embrace Chaos and Move Towards Fulfillment
Greetings and blessings in the midst of remarkable change and motion!
There is a vast amount of illuminated energy moving in our world right now. In this illuminated energy, our universe is giving you the opportunity to embrace a greater life, bring your own new vision to fruition to help uplift our world.

What an opportunity to be “the more of you.”

This amount of motion flowing in your life can sometimes be overwhelming. You may have so many things going on, so much to do, so much to organize and no specific clear path. You want to take the best actions, but there’s more to it than just taking the right steps or making the right decisions. You want to fulfill your life, express your gifts and vision and still get everything working in the best ways possible in the middle of change and life. It can feel like chaos.

Chaos has a bad reputation.
Chaos isn’t bad. Chaos is exciting! Chaos is swirling energy that you haven’t distinguished… yet! Chaos is the flow of pure creation, before it creates and before its creation is known. It contains moving, swirling forces and consciousness awaiting the possibilities of new form! You may not see or recognize the order that is moving towards fulfillment in this swirling change. That chaos, that seemingly unorganized motion, will create new worlds, new ideas and new life.

Read more and Listen to the Audio Being Part Of Creation
That chaos is happening now. We are all in the thick of it and that motion asks us to be open to change, while we hold to our deeper nature and connection to the Divine.

Creation is ever changing. The intentions, particles and events that form new ideas and new life are in flux. They are seeking a greater sense of expression, beauty and meaning. Everything seeks its own meaning and its path of destiny. Everything does seek its own connection to the divine. Everything does seek its own levels of fulfillment in expression. This is life’s exploration and the exploration is change. You are part of creation, so you are ever-changing, too. You are changing in many different directions at the same time. The way you embrace that change and evolution will help you fulfill your destiny and your life. What are you doing to embrace change in your life?

Exploring Your Brilliance
During a coaching call with one of my clients this past week, she was absolutely inspired by how quickly the changes in her life were moving as a result of our first three coaching sessions. There were and still are lots of things circulating in her life. It looked like swirling chaos, and to a lot of people, this was not good news. To me, it was actually creative chaos, because chaos creates new worlds, new ideas and new avenues to explore.

As we worked together, she shifted into a clearer understanding of her life and path, her work generated more success, her finances significant increased and she was having more fun and fulfillment. She is happy and appreciative, and she also wanted to know how I did that. After working with other coaches and doing extensive reading about spirituality and personal growth, how did I create it so she moved so quickly into this new space?

My simple answer is ‘I explore your brilliance.’ I work with the frequencies of creation and participate in a conscious and directed alignment with your authentic self and the Divine. During our coaching together, whether it’s a three month coaching program, the nine month Life Alchemy Program or in the initial individual session, the guidance and coaching, comes from working with the forces of pure creation in line with you, in all of your greatness and brilliance.

Break free into your truth and beauty
One aspect of our work/play is to empower and guide you to move into greater harmony with your own being and break free into your truth and beauty. Another aspect brings significant healing and awakening to your life, so you can move out past your limitations and stretch towards freedom, joy and fulfillment. Another aspect is clear, practical guidance for life choices and direction, so you can live inspired.

For some people, that may look like a lot to do and it can look like chaos. I love that kind of chaos! That is an aspect of creation that we can explore. When you Embrace Chaos and Move Towards Fulfillment you are in greater alignment with pure creation.

  • So, what is one area of chaos in your life right now?
  • Where do you see the swirling energies gathering momentum?
  • If you look at chaos as the opportunity to be “the more of you” what is your next step?

Embrace Chaos and Move Towards Fulfillment!

Many Blessings to you,

If this speaks to you, and you are ready to explore your brilliance and live inspired, please email me and call me to schedule a time to talk!

When you read my book, Living Inspired With Lumari or call me to schedule a private session, then you will advance to Living Inspired and experience even more joy, purpose, fulfillment and inspiration in your life.

I’m looking forward to sharing, coaching and celebrating the more of you, with you!

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    • Lynn Swanson

      Thank you for your coaching and training throughout the years. My brilliance shines in swirls of chaos and flows in dynamic energies. I live in an abundance of harmony and richness. You channel chaos for each of us until we glow. Blessings to you.

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