The flow of abundance is a stream of continual positive, universal energy that is always in motion. When you are open to the flow of abundance, it can move effortlessly into your life. You receive a wealth of positive blessings and every thing that goes along with them.

To receive more abundance and receive the blessings it can bestow, there are three things that are important to know.
1.  You want to know and understand the real qualities and flow of abundance
2.  Recognize and clear the blocks in your way
3.  Be open to actively receive

The Real Qualities And Flow Of Abundance

We normally associate money, wealth and prosperity with abundance. Abundance is so much more than money and wealth. It brings harmony, joy and love in our relationships. The flow of abundance brings us increased health and well-being and harmony. It brings creativity, compassion, beauty, success and fulfillment.

Recognize and clear the blocks in your way

Most people are unaware of Money Karma, and how it blocks you from receiving the flow of abundance and creating your dreams. Money Karma is the sum of your experiences, beliefs and opinions about money, wealth and power. All of your past lives and your family’s experiences, background and conversations contribute to your money karma. All of your ideas, conversations, suspicions, fears, limiting beliefs in this life all add up. They add up to your Money Karma and your money karma limits the flow of abundance in your life.

Money Karma is hidden from you by the simple notion that you assume that what you already know about money is the truth, even though we all have our own version of that truth. Your beliefs, judgments, hidden assumptions and fears are an unseen force that is working against your real prosperity and success. You may feel and know you are blocked, but the patterns and beliefs are invisible and inaccessible to you. Money Karma actively works against you to obstruct the flow of wealth and positive blessings in your life.

Can You See The Life You Want To Live?

You have visions of more. You want to share your gifts and bring your passion and gifts into the world in the most beneficial and successful ways.
You want to create art, music, writing and share the beauty and depths of expression.
You want to heal, teach, coach and share your wisdom, understanding and bring out that light in others.
You want to live your life to the fullest.
You want to contribute to our world in ways that are in harmony with your purpose, even if you don’t know the full scope of your purpose yet.

The flow of abundance opens more opportunities, creativity, healing and possibilities for you to share your gifts and thrive in your life.

Be Open To Actively Receive
As in so many aspects of life, it’s important to be open to receive. Healing and clearing are part of being open. To actively receive, means that you start working on being open, on removing the blocks or limitations and asking for help and stepping into a gracious unknown.

When you heal your money karma, you open to actively receive. You receive many more positive blessings. Often, more doors open for you. It’s not only about money or wealth. You invite more love, health and success to enter your life, when you heal your money karma. You experience deeper fulfillment, more recognition and have more positive influence in our world.

That’s why I created my Heal Your Money Karma training and Private Coaching, to help you clear and release your money karma and these limiting energies so you can attract, keep and engage a greater flow of abundance in your life. You can ‘turn the tides’ in your favor and embrace wealth, good fortune, success and opportunity with joy, appreciation and positive influence.

That is a blessing I want to share with you!

Register for Heal Your Money Karma Teleseminar and
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Give yourself permission to make powerful, healing changes in your life and receive the wealth, prosperity and new opportunities to thrive.

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