You are a light. Each one of us is a light. I know people will say you have a light within you, but what if you look at it as though you are a light. You are shining your own wisdom, beauty and spiritual connection.

So, let’s engage in a conversation. Not a ‘how-to’ conversation, but an exploration of how the ideas, words and energies can open ways of perception for you, right now. Since you are a light, your purpose is to shine. Then it’s important to shine your light into the world.

Knowing the light
Knowing that you are a light, and your purpose is to shine, will liberate you from the dogma of life. You can open new perceptions. You don’t need new definitions, you need to find all the wonderful ways you can shine. It’s joyful, purposeful exploration.

As a psychic, intuitive life coach I have gifts of multiple expanded perceptions. I can see, feel, know and cherish each person’s light. When I see each person’s unique light, when I see your illumination, I see your Divine presence.

Inspiration is the LIGHT for your light
Your spark, shimmer or blazing flame is the light that illuminates opportunities to connect with true inspiration. The light you are, attracts the Divine presence of inspiration into your life. That makes inspiration very personal.

Inspiration is a much more complicated and rich experience than simple quotes, phrases and motivational speeches. We have a dilemma about accessing inspiration. The word and essence has become so watered down, so insignificant, that you may just ignore the word and its vast uplifting, spiritual and cosmic force. That’s why so many people don’t fully connect with their light. They don’t know about the true force and elegance of active inspiration.

When you are Living Inspired you become a Beacon
When you are Living Inspired, you can feel and know the Divine presence and connection in your life. Then, you are a light and the light you are becomes a beacon for other people to connect with you. That knowing, being and active engagement creates the changes that illuminate and heal our world. That’s Living Inspired. Living Inspired is the action where you shine with a sense of aliveness, gratitude, love, purpose, fulfillment and joy.

The real access, wisdom and connections to Living Inspired have remained secret for thousands of years. There are patterns, teachings and frequencies that are hidden, and because they are hidden, only a few people get to experience that light-filled brilliance. Well, that’s not good enough any more. If we want to shift the powers to uplift our world, then we want to be Living Inspired. That’s shining a light in a huge way!

What’s so great about this, what is so pure and fully uplifting for all people and our world is that knowing about the truths and secrets about living inspired, can shift us all into our own higher blessing. And, it’s a positive, joyful, fulfilling transformation that is beyond dogma, belief and practice. It’s your own pure light that shines to uplift our world. I love this so much! Imagine connecting with your own light, and being able to shift our world into positive expression, just because you did that!

It’s Glorious!

Learn more about these amazing frequencies and healings in my new book, LIVING INSPIRED WITH LUMARI and go to my website and see what you may like to explore further in your path to Living Inspired!

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