Now there is recent, scientific proof that you can catch stress from other people, just like you catch a cold. It’s contagious and detrimental to your health and your life! Seriously, you can catch and absorb stress from other people.

Teams at Saint Louis University and University of California at San Francisco recently created “secondhand stress” to study whether it could be as contagious as a cold. Researchers found that stress can be passed on. Not only that, you can catch and absorb stress from just watching a person in a stressful situation.

I’ve been teaching you how to stop absorbing negative energy from people and situations for years. That’s why I created my course Claim Your Spiritual Real Estate: How to Tune In and Be Open Without Absorbing Negative Energy. I’ve seen this second hand stress and negative energy in the lives of my clients. You can absorb negative energy from clients, associates, friends and other people and often, you don’t even know you are absorbing it. I’ve also experienced this second hand stress and negative energy in my own life.

As an intuitive and psychic from birth, I would pick up on all of the info from other people around me. That included people’s energy, fears, and emotions. I didn’t really pay attention to any of it because I was used to feeling that way. Of course, that mean I was used to feeling and picking up other people’s energy.

The turning point for me, was years ago when my husband Peter and I were in Boston and we drove by a funeral home. All of a sudden, I got really snippy with Peter. Since we had been driving and laughing seconds before this, he asked me what was going on. Because of the immediacy of the situation, I knew I was picking up on the anger and mourning from the people about this person’s death.

This one incident showed me how much absorbing negative energy could impact me. If this happened just by driving by the funeral home, I could imagine how much stuff I absorbed every day.

There are health risks from absorbing other people’s stress and negative energy.
These university studies show that “secondhand stress,” or what I call negative energy, creates adverse effects to your health. You already know that chronic stress is bad for your health. It weakens your immune system and puts you at increased risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, insomnia, muscle tension, diabetes and even death. Absorbing other people’s negative energy does all of the above and it can also affect your mood, your cognitive abilities, create lack of motivation, and even sadness, anxiety and depression.

Now, there is scientific proof that just by being in the room with a person, a stranger, who is stressed, who is upset, sad, angry or confused can impact you and your life.  Not only that, studies show that you are four times more likely to get it from someone you know. If that stressed, upset person is a friend, client, co-worker or loved one, then the amount of stress, or negative energy that you absorb and that influences your life is 4 times more harmful to you. So now, this important information is not just in a spiritual context. Science proves it, too.

Picking up on someone else’s stress has an added danger.
What is the added danger? If you don’t know that you absorbed that stress, that negative energy, becomes masked in your system and it continues to act upon you in harmful ways. You may react to it forever.

You are absorbing negative energy all the time, even from strangers. You are even more susceptible to the stress and negative energy from your clients, associates, friends, and loved ones.

What do you need and what do you do?
You know I have a course you can download that will help you stop absorbing negative energy and help you release the energy you already have circulating within you. So, if you want a real, effective and reliable method to stop absorbing other people’s energy and to clear your own energy and life from that stress and negativity. Claim Your Spiritual Real Estate is the best course and system you can use.

What do you do right now?
Here’s a very powerful technique that will help you keep clear when you are at an event.

Often times we are in social situations and everyone’s energies are swirling. You could be at a meeting, conference or party. It’s so easy to pick up group and individual energy that at an event and especially when there are several or many people present. Use this method to get some distance from the energies swirling around you.

  1. First, notice how you feel before you leave for the event. Check your own energy. How are you feeling? Excited, happy, tired, clear and focused? This gives you a baseline of your own energy and feelings.
  1. Second, when you get to the event, gently pay attention to how your mood changes. Are you more upbeat? Are you tense? Did you start to feel anxious around certain people? Are you feeling drained? Just pay attention to how you feel and you’ll start to notice your own energy.
  1. Third, when you leave the event, notice your energy, again. You’ll have a certain amount of energy residue that you want to release. So, take a breath and shake it out. Really, take a slow deep breath, shake your body and your arms just like a puppy shakes off water.
  1. Last, focus on how you felt before you left for the event. This will help you move back into your own comfort and energy baseline.

And one final note. Always remember to breathe! If you feel the tension, anxiety and overall crankiness when you’re with people, just breathe. It will help.

Purchase this course NOW, and I will give you the tools, techniques, training and more to lift your spirit and place you right in the center of your own being, power and purpose, with energy to spare.

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