I have BREAKING NEWS to share today, something I’ve never told you. So, today’s the day!

BREAKING NEWS! There is no Big Bang.

No Big Bang to start the known Universe. Didn’t happen that way! There never was a Big Bang. So how did it happen?

The Goddess laughed and the Universe was created!
The Universe is created
through the Laughter of the Goddess.

You know I work with the Goddess and channel her language, blessings and wisdom. I don’t usually bother correcting science, because it’s not my world. Scientists, physicists think about the world more mathematically. I think Cosmically. I do fully appreciate their scientific wisdom, knowing and perspective. I have clients who are physicists and doctors and we have fascinating conversations. For me, for my wisdom, it’s about flow, energy and qualities. Today, I was filled with the energy of creation and it was time to share.

There never was a Big Bang.

The Goddess did not create the world with an explosion from non-existence and blast it into form. The Goddess created the universe THROUGH LAUGHTER! The known, seen examples that we are and live with are created THROUGH LAUGHTER. The Goddess laughed in pure joy, pure delight, pure loving, uplifting enthusiasm for the wonders and then the Universe manifested into being.

She laughed and created everything. She laughed and brought light, sound, color, sacred geometry and love into form. She laughed and the universe, the multi-verse came into being.

So it’s time to laugh. Right now! LAUGH!

You want to create? LAUGH!
You want to make a difference? LAUGH!
You want to shine? LAUGH!
You want to help others live powerful, beautiful lives? LAUGH!

Aren’t you smiling right now?

Bless you for your joy, beauty and LAUGHTER

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