spring into action

Spring forward.

In the Delights of Spring, my previous post and email, and in perfect timing with Spring, you started to explore and entertain new ideas. The Engage New Possibilities practice is about engaging your creative inspired self. So that’s where we started. Now the flow is open and you can embrace the creative resonance of your heart, spirit and awakening self. Spring is awakening, celebration and opening to the magnitude of being.

Before I started my business as a intuitive coach, spiritual teacher and author, I was an artist. I was a sculptor. I showed my work in great galleries and museums. I received grants and international fellowships to create my work and I loved it. One key thing you learn as an artist, creator, visionary, maker or innovator is, DO NOT STOP THE FLOW OF CREATIVITY. When you’re in the idea stage, when inspiration dances into your sphere, you celebrate and entertain the muse.

It’s later, when you are crafting the art, when you are formulating your book, when you are composing the music, developing your business or designing your inventions, that’s when you go into action and resolve what is fantasy from what is possible. You see what is ready to burst into form now, and what may need to wait for a new moment.

You want to honor both, the flow of creativity and the actions to take. Who looked at lightning and thought they could harness it to light our world? Who imagined the world we live in today?
We did.
We are the artists, inventors, creators, visionaries and luminaries. We take ideas that move us and bring them into reality in ways that inspire and benefit us and our world.

It’s Spring. The time of new beginnings, of wonder and nature’s exuberance. Take the time, embrace your visionary, creative, maker, open-hearted self and let the possibilities fly. Take on new possibilities and open to your sacred spirit, your true gifts and your inner magic and take action to let your beauty shine.

Here is your Spring Into Action Practice.

Now that you have got to Engage New Possibilities (this practice is in the previous blog and email), what actions do you want to take? Will you be inspired to expand your soul through actions that help you grow? Are your ideas about business, projects, new teachings or creative ventures? Take the time to explore them now and then, take the actions to make them happen.

Yes, you can create an action plan. Some ideas need one. If you’re planning new ventures, creative expression, more personal growth, new business growth, and developing new products, workshops and trainings then you’ll want two things in play.  Here are the 2 parts to the Spring Into Action practice that will help you synchronize with the momentum of spring.

Spring Into Action: ACTION PLAN

  1. See if your ideas and will engage and delight you into the future.
  2. Create an outline of what may need to happen so you can see what steps to take, for now. You’ll want to be flexible and to explore the vision and bring it into reality in a way the delights, empowers and serves you.

Yes, you can plan to act. Some ideas need exploration. If you are doing something creative, if you want to write a book , create a charity, invent or make new things, then plan to act.

Spring Into Action: PLAN TO ACT

  1. Take the next steps in your creativity. Keep doing the Engage New Possibilities practice. Let it all flow. It doesn’t have to make sense. It has to make you excited.
  2. Then, explore your ideas even further. If it’s a creative, inventive, visionary and maker oriented, then start drawing out your ideas. Sketch, design or program with abandon. This is not time to narrow your focus. Expand it even more, but do it with the knowing that you are in action with your creative side.

Spring is a time when the world awakens to itself. It opens to new creation. It fills the air with fragrance and wonder. Celebrate the spring and new beginnings for yourself.

May the blessings abound in your life!

If you want to check on your new projects, creations and dreams, and receive guidance and coaching to flourish in your life, definitely call me to schedule an appointment. I’d love to hear from you.

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    • Lynn Swanson

      Wonderfully inspirational! So simple to take a moment to go to this special place of serenity and creativity.

      • Lumari

        Thank you, Lynn. I want to share some simple and powerful ways we can engage new possibilities to celebrate our gifts. So happy your found that special place. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing.

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