BLOG-delightsofspring-2016Take a deep breath. Spring is here.

Awakening the bird songs. Opening the petals of cherry blossoms. Tickling the laughing hearts of daffodils and waiting for the tulips to initiate their multicolored splendor.

It’s spring and spring is my favorite season.
To me, spring is a celebration of the flowers and bird songs cheering us on to new possibilities. It’s new and optimistic. Really. The world is optimistic in spring. It doesn’t matter whether your crocuses have bloomed in the same spot for years. Today the flowers are new. You have never seen these flowers before. The surprise daffodil that bursts into flower days before the others brings smiles. The small buds on the tree are reminding you that full green leaves will soon be rippling in the winds.

Spring reminds us it’s time to embrace our new ideas. It’s time to start new projects and look at our continuing projects, business and life with new eyes.

What new projects, ideas or changes do you want to make?
Are there new ideas and new ventures you’d like to explore?
Do you have ideas and plans tickling the back of your mind ready to come forward and inspire you to expand your horizons? Tune in to see what delights, inspires and fulfills you. Play bigger and branch out in new ways that seem to be calling your name. Spring is the perfect time to luxuriate in the light of new ideas, forgotten dreams and rich possibilities. Of course, spring is not only about your dreams.

Its also the perfect time to spring into action.

Here’s a fun way to celebrate and engage new possibilities

Engage New Possibilities

This practice evolves over six weeks.
Use the time to do constructive daydreaming that leads to actions.

Take 15 minutes each day. Set this time aside for daydreaming.
Have coffee or tea. Give yourself room.
Don’t sit at your desk, or behind piles of paper or tasks at hand. Sit with a view towards the garden or the city skyline. Look out towards something grand and inspiring. Have your coffee and relax a bit. Breathe fully and let yourself be in the rich moment of now.

Next, imagine the new ideas you’d like to do. Let the ideas roll.
Think about new projects or new business ideas you have. Ask yourself if they will delight and inspire you. Re-examine your past ideas for your business, your personal life and your creative side. Delight in pure joyful exploration.

See what shows up on your inner screen and honor it. Don’t be too hasty to dismiss your ideas. Let them flow. You may have new ideas that are still in their infancy. You may remember projects that are coming back to tantalize you again. The timing may be right for them now.

Savor your creative flow. This is the Engage New Possibilities part of this practice. At first, you want to flow with ideas, clarifications and delightful temptations. You don’t have to do anything yet. You’re engaging the new possibilities. Let them reveal themselves to you.

Take notes only if you’re inspired. This is not a ‘to do’ list. It’s a possibilities list. Flow with the creative, juicy side of yourself and let your imagination, intuition and wild side flow.

Enjoy and savor the creative flow. Follow it wherever it takes you. Sometimes people stop the flow too soon. They want the practical side to get their plans in action. Sometimes people dismiss the fantasy part and think it’s impossible. Don’t bother with either. Let spring’s joy fill you with possibilities.

I’d love to hear what you’re experiencing in Engage New Possibilities Practice.

And if you are filled with ideas, choices and possibilities already, and want my guidance, psychic input and coaching, email me or call me and we can set up a time to explore where inspiration is leading you and how to play in the energy of your possibilities.

The next post, Spring Into Action Practice is about the actions you may or may not take once you Engage New Possibilities. Stay tuned!

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